Has your iPhone damaged or stopped working? Are you worried about your cracked mobile screen? Are you looking to get your faulty iPhone professionally fixed? We are here to help you, send your faulty phone at our repair centre and we will take care of the rest.

Xpert Mobile solutions is an accredited company with a team of expert technicians, to repair iPhone and using the genuine parts to repair all models of iPhone. We are delivering the most admirable services of mobile repairing to cater our customers with satisfactory services and striving successfully to achieve goodwill in the mobile repair industry. Our endeavor is to deliver unrivaled services which result in the high customer satisfaction and help us to achieve success.

Our services are equipped with providing the quality and reliability solutions for mobile repair. We assess all iPhone models 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C for all types of problems. We believe in customers’ satisfaction and to achieve this, we strive to serve them best.

Owning an iPhone can definitely make you stand out of the crowd. It gives you an access to the cutting edge technology. It is a little device fully loaded with top notch features that can unquestionably widen the perspectives and broaden the horizons. The hardware and software of the iPhone can get adversely damaged if it is been dropped from a height accidentally. Therefore, to bring back the effectiveness and appeal of your iPhone back, there comes the need of Xpert Mobile Solutions. We are committed to passing on meticulous services meeting the highest standards of quality. After carefully analyzing the extent of damage, we would recommend you necessary repairs and replacements to be made so that you can enjoy the benefits of your mobile like you purchased it new.

iPhone Repair services:

  • Quick service for Cracked Screen Replacement
  • Water/Liquid Damage
  • Software upgrades and unlocking
  • Motherboard work
  • Any other Hardware problem
  • Genuine spare parts of the iPhone (authorized by Apple)

Find the expert technician to get repaired your iPhone and Save your investment with the help of an expert and professional repairer.

iPhone 4/4s

iPhone 4/4s $65

  • Complete Lcd Assembly with Frame $65

iPhone 5s/5c

iPhone 5s/5c $110

  • Complete Lcd Assembly with Frame $110

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 $95

  • Complete Lcd Assembly with Frame $95

iphone 6

iphone 6 $155

  • Complete Lcd Assembly with Frame $155